The Leadership

Image of Daniel

Daniel Palmer

Lord of Breaking Games

The original organizer of Break My Game. He has put in tons of his own blood, sweat and tears in to making this organization succeed and making it a force to be reckoned with. He organizes all of our events, convention booths, advertising and even finds time to work on comic books with Raven Warren Studios

Image of Mike

Michael Lindon

Website Baron

The swell guy who has put this site together and until recently has been a part of every break my game. He likes gaming, game design, coding and long walks on the beach. He is currently attempting to run his own game design studio under the monicker of Nitroglycerin Games.

Image of Bharat

Bharat Ponnaluri

General Breaker

A DC area native who has been an active member of Break My Game for over a year. A software developer turned into a game designer working on a new game, Clash of Empires. In his free time, you can find him trying to learn board games and trying to break new designs.