Designer Standards

Break My Game events are created with the designer in mind. We want to not only provide you an opportunity to have your game play tested, we want to provide you the means to which your game will get play tested.

With this in mind, games playtested at BMG events must meet a set of minimum requirements. The event organizer is responsible for the enforcement of these requirements. If a game does not meet the minimum requirements, the organizer will explain why the game is being denied, and will give helpful advice on how to bring the game up to make the adjustments needed to be accepted.

Component Requirements

If you need ideas or suggestions on how to make a certain piece or want to verify whether the part meets the standards, ask a fellow designer or an event organizer for assistance.


Even if you do not feel your game meets these requirements, we encourage you to present your game for submission anyway. You may be surprised by the results, and at the very least it lets us know you are interested in participating in the event.

Thank you and KOGO! (Keep On Gaming On!)